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Mackie CR1604 designs
16 channel professional audiomixer by american company model Mackie CR 1604 designs.
New, Price - 315 USD

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Seck 1882 Mark II by Soundcraft
Professional audiomixer by Soundcraft - Seck 882 Mark II /made in England
Secondhand, Price - 385 USD

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Solton audiomixer 8/2
An excellent german audiomixer with 8 microphone channels and left and right outputs, 3 band equalizer,2 aux post and monitor output ! Recording is possible.
Secondhand, Price - 150 USD

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Soundcraft compact 4
Small 4 channel audiomixer by Soundcraft compact 4
Secondhand, Price - 134 USD

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Soundcraft EPM 8
Very good new model audiomixer by Soundcraft EPM 6 !
New, Price - 260 USD

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Soundcraft Spirit E 8
Very good quality proffesional audio mixer by Soundcraft Spirit e 8 ! Made in England.
Secondhand, Price - 263 USD

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Soundcraft Spirit powerstation 600
12 Channel powermixer Soundcrft Spirit powerstation/2 X 300watt poweramplifiers/ and digital Lexicon effect. Made in England.
Secondhand, Price - 290 USD