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AKG D 321
Vintage vocal microphones AKG D 321 ! Made in Austria ! Best quality microphone ! Price for one piece !
Secondhand, Price - 67 USD

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AKG D 770
Excellent vocal dynamic microphone model AKG D 770/made in Austria.
Secondhand, Price - 110 USD

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Mark DM 50 microphone
New dynamic microphone model Mark DM50 with xlr/xlr cable.
New, Price - 40 USD

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Proformance P745/Audiotechnika
Best quality vocal dynamic microphone by Audiotechnika !
New, Price - 77 USD

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Shure 565 SD
Vintage dynamic vocal microphone
Secondhand, Price - 108 USD

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Shure Beta 58A
Dynamic vocal microphone,the best choice for vocals !
New, Price - 150 USD

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Shure PG81 condenser microphone
New cardioid condenser instrumental microphone ! One of the best microphones for sound recordings of acoustic guitars,violins and ac.pianos ! Sound pressure - 131db !
New, Price - 137 USD

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Shure sm 137 condenser mic.
The best proffessional condenser microphone ! Super price !
New, Price - 160 USD