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Ampeg bass box SVT610 hlf
Ampeg classic SVT 610 hlf bass guitar box ! The best from the best,made in USA with inclusive flightcase for transportation ! Incredible sound !
New, Price - 1150 USD

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Bass guitar bridge 5 str.
Bass bridge for 5 strings bass guitar.
New, Price - 19 USD

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Boss TU-6 bass tuner
Tuner for bass guitar Boss TU-6,works with 9 volt battery.
Secondhand, Price - 25 USD

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Combo Little Mark IV
Extremaly high power bass guitar combo by Mark bass Little Mark IV/300 watt at 8ohm and 500watt at 4 ohm/made in Italy Parametric EQ and 1 X 12'bass lodspeaker. Brand new ittem !
New, Price - 870 USD

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Digitech bass multivoice chorus
Digitech New X-series multivoice chorus,work with 9 volt battery or external power supply.
New, Price - 85 USD

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Digitech BP355 bass multieffect processor
Bass guitar effect processor with USB recording interface,drums and many more effects !
New, Price - 137 USD

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EBS octave driver
Incredible sound bass guitar effect from EBS triple octave driver + power adaptor and box !
Secondhand, Price - 200 USD

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Fender bass bridge
Bass guitar bridge Fender
New, Price - 41 USD

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Fender Kingsman acoustic bass
New series Fender Kingsman acoustic bass with active electronics and hard case Fender !
New, Price - 570 USD

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Fender Precision bass pickups
Pickups made in Japan for vintage Fender Precision !
Secondhand, Price - 55 USD

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Fender tuning mashines
4 pieces Fender tuning mashines
New, Price - 50 USD

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G&K Goldline bass head
Excellent bass guitar professional amlifier by Gallien & Krueger Goldline 500!
New, Price - 275 USD

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Gear4music bass guitar
Passive 4 strings bass guitar model - Gear4music precision type bass guitar/made in England. With prffesional setup and tunnings. Soft brizent gig bag included.
New, Price - 150 USD

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Hofner 5str. el.acoustic bass
5 strings electroacoustic bass guitar with active electronics,preamp Fishmann and hard case. Good quality instrument by the German company Hofner!
Secondhand, Price - 655 USD

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Jassen handcrafted jazz bass
New bass guitar custom shop made in Bulgaria ! If you have any question please call by telephone.
New, Price - 850 USD

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Pickgard Fender Jazz bass
Original edition by Fender/USA
New, Price - 26 USD

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Sire V7 /Marcus Miller
Bass guitar with 5 strings and active electronics,hard case for bass guitar by Thomann music/Germany. Made in Indonesia. You can play active or passive mode at this bass ! Excellent bass guitar for proffesional players !
Secondhand, Price - 660 USD

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Stagg 5 frettless bass guitar
Excellent condition bass guitar with many extras and terrible sound. Active electronics from J & B with EMG picups !
Secondhand, Price - 319 USD