New, Price - 0 USD
Aroma AT-1
Digital tuner for acoustic instruments Aroma AT - 1
New, Price - 12 USD

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Boss DD-20
Excellent guitar effect from drive zone series,works with batteries 6 X 1.5volt.
Secondhand, Price - 110 USD

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Boss digidelay
Digital delay guitar effect by Digitech/Usa
Secondhand, Price - 68 USD

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Boss GE-10
Ten band vintage graphic equalizer from 31hz - 16Khz,made in Japan!
Secondhand, Price - 150 USD

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Boss super chorus CH-1
Guitar effect by Boss super chorus CH-1/Made in Taiwan. Super sound !
Secondhand, Price - 75 USD

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Cruizer CR-10G
Guitar combo
New, Price - 44 USD
Di box IMP2
Passive direct box IMP2 by Whirlind music/USA ! Impedance - 50,250,600ohm.
Secondhand, Price - 50 USD

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Digitech crossroads Eric Clapton
Vintage guitar effect made in USA !
Secondhand, Price - 90 USD

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Digitech rock hard
Heavy metal extreme pedal by Digitech /made in Taiwan. Works with 9 volt battery.
Secondhand, Price - 45 USD

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Dod FX55C supra distortion
A very flexible original american sound from Dod supra distortion FX 55C ! This model works with 9 volt battery or with externak power supply which is selling separate !
Secondhand, Price - 50 USD
Guitar cables
Many different long and short jack/jack cables.
New, Price - 10 USD

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Guitar combo empty box
Military design empty combp box for 12' speaker !
New, Price - 70 USD

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Korg AT-2
Guitar tuner for music instruments by Korg ! Works with 9 volt battery.
Secondhand, Price - 23 USD

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Larios guitar combo
Solo guitar combo Larios 20 watt with 7' german loudspeaker.Best quality sound on clear and drive channels.
Secondhand, Price - 50 USD

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Marshall JCM 2000/TSL122
The best guitar combo in the world ! Made in England ! + Incredible flightcase for transoprt !!!
Secondhand, Price - 700 USD

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Refent R 222 guitar combo
Excellent vintage guitar combo made in GDR !!! Model Regent R 222 with two channels and 12' legendary loudspeker RFT L 3402 ! Very powerful guitar amplifier in perfect condition from 1982 years !!!
Secondhand, Price - 100 USD

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replace parts - potenciometer
for solo guitar - 500kohm,price for one !
Secondhand, Price - 3 USD

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RSD tube direct box
active with vacum tube 6AQ8,150ohm output,10hz-40khz,balanced XLR output,boost & ground switch
New, Price - 385 USD

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Seymour Duncan pckup booster
Excellent vintage solo guitar effect Seymour Duncan/pickup booster ! Works with 9 volt battery and has velkro on the back side for guitar pedalboard. Best quakity for resonable price!
Secondhand, Price - 93 USD

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VMB Chorus
Guitar effect chorus made in Bulgaria by Vlado Balev - VMB Chorus.
Secondhand, Price - 50 USD

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Yamaha MFC10 midi controler
Pedalboard Yamaha MFC10 midi controler with ac/dc adaptor and flightcase.
Secondhand, Price - 220 USD