Aroma AT-1
Digital tuner for acoustic instruments Aroma AT - 1
New, Price - 12 USD

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BB plis+ xotic effects
California dreaming xotic effect with2 different sounds and effects /made in USA !
New, Price - 222 USD

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Boss GE-10
Ten band vintage graphic equalizer from 31hz - 16Khz,made in Japan!
Secondhand, Price - 150 USD

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Boss NF-1 noise gate
Low noise guitar effect pedal by Boss NF-1 noise gate.Works with 9 volt battery or power adapter.
Secondhand, Price - 83 USD

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Bugera combo V22 infinium
Excellent tube guitar combo with1X12'lodspeaker Turbosound!
Secondhand, Price - 333 USD
Di box IMP2
Passive direct box IMP2 by Whirlind music/USA ! Impedance - 50,250,600ohm.
Secondhand, Price - 50 USD

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Digitech RP-90 + Eko volume pedal
Guitar multieffect and vintage stereo volume pedal + cabels.
Secondhand, Price - 105 USD

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Ernie Ball volume pedal
Vintage volume pedal from USA.
Secondhand, Price - 107 USD
Fender neck plate
Metal neck plate for Strats and Tele with screws,suitble for other solo guitars and bass guitars !
New, Price - 3 USD
Guitar cables
Many different long and short jack/jack cables.
New, Price - 10 USD
Guitar effects
Many guitar effects
Secondhand, Price - 100 USD

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Korg AT-2
Guitar tuner for music instruments by Korg ! Works with 9 volt battery.
Secondhand, Price - 23 USD

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Marshall Haze 40 tube combo
40 watt tube combo with digital effects,2 channels with footswitch.. Great vintage and modern sounds !
New, Price - 400 USD

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Morley wah and volume pedal
Excellent guitar effect pedal Morley wah & volume Pro series II /made in USA Works perfect with battery 9 volt.
New, Price - 105 USD

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Peavey Envoy 110 guitar combo
Excellent guitar combo 35 watt with footswitch and 10" originel speaker. This combo has spring reverb and 2 overdive channels! Made in Usa !
Secondhand, Price - 138 USD

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replace parts - potenciometer
for solo guitar - 500kohm,price for one !
Secondhand, Price - 3 USD

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Roland cube 20X
Excellent two channel solo guitar combo amplifier model - Roland cube 20X with many guitar effects,playback input,headphone input and many more.
New, Price - 209 USD

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RSD tube direct box
active with vacum tube 6AQ8,150ohm output,10hz-40khz,balanced XLR output,boost & ground switch
New, Price - 385 USD

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Seymour Duncan pckup booster
Excellent vintage solo guitar effect Seymour Duncan/pickup booster ! Works with 9 volt battery and has velkro on the back side for guitar pedalboard. Best quakity for resonable price!
New, Price - 90 USD

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Squier strat pickups
Two humbuckers for Fender Squier solo guitar. Bridge - 9.58,neck - 10.0
New, Price - 40 USD

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VMB Chorus
Guitar effect chorus made in Bulgaria by Vlado Balev - VMB Chorus.
Secondhand, Price - 50 USD

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Vox satchurator JS-DS
Joe Satriani signature guitar distortion effect ! Works with 9 volt battery. Available two pices of this effects !
New, Price - 106 USD