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2 potenziometers & jack
for solo guitars
New, Price - 11 USD

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Behringer stratocaster
Very good solo guitar with maple neck and good sound. Excellent for begginers !
Secondhand, Price - 150 USD

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Harley Benton pickups
Two humbuckers pickups by Harley Benton bridge - 11.90Kohm,neck - 11.78Kohm. Price for two pieces.
Secondhand, Price - 41 USD

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HBZ pickups
Active solo guitar pickups by HBZ
New, Price - 37 USD

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Hughess & Kettner tube preamp Attax
3 channel vintage tube preamp for professional guitar players !
Secondhand, Price - 222 USD

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Ibanez JS100 black Joe Satriani
Excellent solo guitar Ibanez - Joe Satriani series with soft gigbag Fender.
Secondhand, Price - 430 USD

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Ibanez pickups for 7 str. guitar
Two Ibanez pickups for 7 strings solo guitar. Bridge - 9.08Kohm,neck - 9.04Kohm.
Secondhand, Price - 51 USD

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JBL E-120 guitar loudspeaker
Vintage alnico magnet guitar speaker model JBL E-120,8ohm,150/300watt music power,made in USA !
Secondhand, Price - 125 USD

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Motion strat type solo guitar
Solo guitar stratocaster type model - Motion stratocaster. Very good solo guitar for begginers !
New, Price - 110 USD

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Roland GP-8 + Roland FC100
Guitar multieffect by Roland GP-8 and foot controller Roland FC-100 128 programable patches and midi.
Secondhand, Price - 500 USD

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single pickup
solo guitar pickup
Secondhand, Price - 11 USD

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Washburn WI-64
Excellent solo guitar Washburn WI-64/made in Korea !
New, Price - 300 USD