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Secondhand, Price - 0 USD
2 mini box
Two way mini audio boxes 10 watt,8 ohm. Price for both pices !
Secondhand, Price - 10 USD
Compact disc - CD
Many different compact disc from rock,pop and jazz fusion styles
Secondhand, Price - 5 USD
Mini box two way, 10 watt each
New, Price - 7 USD
hi-fi audio cables
different models
New, Price - 5 USD

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JVC receiver RX-558V
Audioreceiver JVC
Secondhand, Price - 160 USD

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LP recods
Many different styls from Pop and Rock music !
Secondhand, Price - 7 USD

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Sony receiver STR- AV270X
Audioreceiver Sony
Secondhand, Price - 110 USD

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Technics SB-HD51 boxes
Two very good quality boxes two way from Technics. Made in Spain !
New, Price - 75 USD